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Tips for hiring a professional interior designer or decorator. How to find and hire a professional interior designer for your project. This section includes tips and interview questions for hiring the interior designer or interior decorator the best fits your project.

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Are you ready hire a professional interior designer?
Here are some pointers for finding and hiring an interior designer that is right for your style and budget.

What is an interior designer?
Interior designers have specialized training and are licensed by the state. Interior designers are not only trained in interior design, but project management, supervision, planning/scheduling and budgeting.

Define the scope of your interior design project Put together a folder of consisting of your interior design tastes and the functionality you require. Gather your thought from magazines, sketches and put everything into an organized series of notes.

Finding Interior Designers
The best way to find an interior designer is by word of mouth. If you do not find an interior designer via this method you can call the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) - (800) 775-ASID for referrals.

Interviewing Your Candidates Once you have developed a list of interior designers, here are some tips for interviewing.
  • Use your project scope to communicate your style and ideas with the interior designers.
  • View their interior design portfolio -- including high and low end projects and costs
  • Ask for references
  • Gain an understanding of their areas of expertise and areas they sub contract
  • Understand all costs
  • Put all commitments (such as time, costs, detailed description of contracted work) in writing and get it signed
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